A letter to our new President…

Updated on Aug 30, 2013 at 18:30. (see footnotes)

August 29th, 2013

Congratulations  John Holland,

73 out of the 89 Cork employees wish to congratulate the newly appointed president of Big Fish, John Holland. We would also like to acknowledge that on Wednesday August the 21st the CEO of Big Fish, Paul Thelen, and the board of directors did a great job! They did such a great job in fact that it is likely to be remembered in the Big Fish Annuals for years to come!

On the same date of John Holland’s promotion our CEO, Paul Thelen, took advantage of the opportunity to exercise the company’s values of care and integrity by announcing that 49 employees in our Seattle office would be laid off immediately, without any previous notification of course.

When considering the qualities of a good CEO for Big Fish, John Holland certainly seems to be the man for the job. Eager to display his character and dedication to the Big Fish ethos, our newly graced president also announced on the same date a proposal for closure of the Cork facilities where we (the 89 79 73 staff mentioned above) are currently employed. Bear in mind that this also came as surprise to all of us, especially as a month prior to the announcement the same executives praised the value and work of our Cork office.

The executives were so happy with the quality of work provided in the Cork facility that they decided extend the office space. This extension has been ongoing for the past month, undoubtedly giving the impression of growth and confidence in the values of the Cork office. This work was completed on Tuesday August the 20th, just in time for the celebrations. Clearly a further display of how thoughtful and meticulous our company is; good timing is another Big Fish value that we are all proud of!

It is important to note that we do not intend to be disconsiderate in any way. All of the staff completely understand that a company turning it’s 11th straight year of record revenue, must opt to shut down it’s European headquarters. However, despite times being tough in Europe, Big Fish assures us they will continue to service the European market from abroad to the highest standards.

We like to believe that our customers will appreciate the fact that none of the services provided will come from Europe, especially support for our top grossing app: Big Fish Casino. After all to gather the right professionals to ensure quality translations, skilled engineering and dedicated support seems like a pretty simple task.

All of the 89 Cork office staff and their families also appreciate that a company in a position of strength with their best days ahead of them are also offering the barely above minimum legal amounts as a redundancy packages. This definitely shows that all those involved in making this decision took careful consideration of the ease with which people are able to find employment in the current economic climate!

The Big Fish Cork employees, together with their husbands, wives, sons and daughters (many of them having relocated to Cork to work for Big Fish and established lives here) are extremely grateful for the barely above minimum legal compensation packages offered. After all, we feared that our dismissal may in some way hurt such a successful company and we certainly do not wish this to happen. The current redundancy offer is a testimony to the generosity and gratefulness shown by a Big Fish, a company that raised 83.3 millions dollars from investors just a few years ago.  Not to forget a company who received a grant from the IDA Ireland just last year, only to completely remove operations from Ireland shortly after.

We wish to all our customers and colleagues all the best for the future, whatever that may be. After all, with all this happening what else is there to fear?!

Congratulations once again to John, Paul and all the others involved in these decisions; you definitely know how to have fun!

Yours sincerely,

Small Fishies

Update notes:

Aug 29: We have updated the participation figures above according to some colleagues requests, they have requested not to be included on the count due to different personal reasons.


Aug 30: We have removed additional requests, so we are removing them too. For additional clarity, all of the management team and HR was removed on the Aug 29 update. We’ll continue updating this according to the requests received.